Sometimes, life surprises us and sends us not one child, but two. In this case, when you are getting everything together for your impending arrival, you need to multiply everything by two. One of the essential items is a twin stroller, which does the same job as a conventional stroller but is designed to accommodate not just one, but two babies.

Of course, they will be a little larger than a traditional stroller, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be a tank. In this article, we will dive into the world of twin strollers. We will tell you everything you need to know about their features and give you tips to help you make the right decision.

Key Facts

  • A twin pusher isn’t necessarily heavier or less manageable than a conventional stroller. There are many light and narrow models.
  • It is worth considering a twin stroller’s folding mechanism before buying it. It is advisable to be able to do this one-handed.
  • There are various types of twin strollers, each with its own benefits and disadvantages: these include in line, parallel and with seats in front. It will depend on your needs.

Ranking: The best twin strollers on the Australian market

Having twins can be challenging at first, but everything will settle down when you realise the exact equipment and accessories you need to make life easier. One of the first things to think about is a twin stroller, so that your little ones will be comfortable while you go about your day. Below we outline the best twin strollers currently available.

No. 1: Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

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This high-quality model from Baby Jogger is in the parallel style, meaning your little ones will be seated side by side. This has the advantage that they can both look around and see what’s going on. This stroller can be quickly folded and unfolded, making it a breeze to pop in the boot of your car and take it with you, not to mention easy to store at home.

This disadvantage of this type of twin stroller is that they are often quite wide, and can be difficult to get through narrow doorways, to take on narrow footpaths, or in other tight spots. However, this model is designed to be narrow and lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre, fold and unfold, and carry around.

No. 2: Mamakiddies Tandem Twin Stroller

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Another option is to go for a twin stroller in tandem style, like this one from Mamakiddies. In this style, the kids sit one in front of the other, which allows the stroller to stay narrow and therefore easier to manage. In this tandem stroller, the front seat is suitable for babies and toddler 6 months and older, while the rear seat can even be used by newborns.

Both seats in this tandem twin stroller have 2 positions and are able to recline, and it has large wheels including swivel and lockable wheels in the front for greater manoeuvrability and safety. The handle is adjustable for more comfort and the stroller also has a large, handy storage basket.

No. 3: Maclaren T-01 Twin Stroller

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Another twin stroller in the parallel style, the T-01 model from Maclaren has multi-position reclining in both seats, meaning your little ones can be fully upright while awake and looking around or reclined back if they need a nap. The stroller also features a generous shopping basket underneath to let you carry all the necessities you need as you go about your day.

Made from a lightweight aluminium frame, this twin stroller has been designed with large wheels to make manoeuvring it a lot easier. It also has a shady hood made of UPF 50+ material, to make sure your children are safe from the sun and harmful UV rays during long Australian summers.

No. 4: DOUER Face to Face Twin Stroller

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In a completely different style is this twin pram/stroller from DOUER, which has a face to face design. This is great for letting your little ones play and interact with each other, as well as allowing for a more narrow design. This model has “stadium” seats, meaning that one seat is slightly higher than the other, allowing both children to look out and see the world around them.

A big plus of this stroller is that you can easily fold and unfold it with one hand, thanks to its clever automatic storage latch. The rear seat is suitable for newborns, as it is able to lie completely flat, whereas the front seat has 2 reclining positions and is ok for babies over 6 months. Both seats have five-point safety harnesses with chest pads for optimal safety and comfort.

Shopping Guide: What you should know about twin strollers

There are many situations when a twin stroller could be very useful. It may be that you have twins, two little ones who are close in age, or because it seems like your baby will have a little brother or sister very soon. Whatever the case, there are many important things you should know about twin strollers. Let’s take a look at the key factors.

Twin pushers are ideal for parents with small twins.
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What is a twin stroller exactly?

Twin strollers or pushers are designed to carry two babies or toddlers at the same time. As their name suggests, they are made specifically for twin babies or two small children of a similar age. They are the perfect solution when your little ones are around the same age or if you are expecting a second child. The good news is that there are a variety of strollers which fit this purpose.

Currently, you will find a range of models on the market suitable to the diverse needs of the modern family. There are strollers which are parallel, in line, with the seats side by side, or with one in front, among other options. Of course, these strollers are bigger than those which are for one baby only, but there are also narrow models available if you’re worried about space.


Did you know that paediatricians recommend that babies should not be in strollers until they are at least 6 months old?

From what age can you use twin strollers?

In general, twin strollers are well suited to babies and toddlers from 6 months and over. Given that the majority have upright and reclinable seats (some of which you can put in a completely horizontal position), they are designed so that your babies will be very comfortable while you walk around. The maximum weight they can carry varies between models but can be up to 30 kg.

Sometimes, twin strollers can be suitable for newborns. Of course, it is necessary to fit a carrycot so that your baby is perfectly comfortable and safe. If this is what you are looking for, you should choose a model with this option. These kinds of strollers can be suitable for kids up to 3 or 4 years old.

The materials which twin pushers are made from need to meet certain requirements.
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Are there regulations around twin strollers?

In Australia, the safety of twin strollers, as with all products, is overseen by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission). This government body sets mandatory safety standards for prams and strollers. According to this, for a twin stroller to be safe, it must have certain components and features including at least one parking device, be performance tested, have safety harnesses for each child that include both waist and crotch straps and (depending on how far it reclines) a head barrier.

According to these regulations, all prams and strollers sold in Australia must also be “permanently and conspicuously” marked with the registered trade name and address in Australia and New Zealand of either the manufacturer, importer or supplier, as well as the model name or model name of the stroller. Additionally, it should clearly show safety warnings as to the appropriate use of the stroller, the harness, the minimum age for use, and other safety recommendations. Be sure to check this to make sure that your stroller is in compliance with the safety standards set down by the Australian government.

Twin pushers are ideal for people with little ones around the same age.
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How do twin strollers fold up?

One of the most common concerns regarding twin strollers is to do with how it folds up. This is something that you’ll have to do more often than you think, so you want it to be as easy as possible. The folding mechanism will depend on the model, but most are operated with one hand.

One of the most common designs is an umbrella-style folding mechanism. These strollers usually have a button or a pedal which allows it to easily fold or unfold. Other designs fold up similar to a book. For these, you pull a strategically-placed lever so it folds completely evenly.

Shopping criteria

When choosing the best twin stroller, you have to take a range of important considerations into account. Remember that these items are indispensable during the early period of your children’s lives, and so you need to make the right choice. There are five key criteria which you can use to determine the best model.

  • Type
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Manufacturing materials
  • Manoeuvrability

Types of twin strollers

We can distinguish between four types of twin strollers. The in-line models (also called tandem) have one seat in front of the other. The advantage of this type of twin stroller is that it can be very narrow, so that you can easily navigate doors or lifts, with the same ease as a regular stroller. On the other hand, they can be very long.

Parallel twin strollers are another common type, where the children are seated side by side. This means both kids have the same views, but on the other hand, these strollers are more difficult to manoeuvre. Another possibility is those where one seat is slightly above the other.

Usually, this type of design has a cot in the upper part (for a baby) and a chair in the lower section (for an older child). Finally, you have the models where the seats are facing each other. This means your little ones will be looking at each other while you walk around.

Type of twin stroller Advantages Drawbacks
In line Easier to handle and narrower Bigger and can be heavier
Parallel Reclinable chairs and greater field of vision Much wider
Seats facing Encourages interaction One of the children will be facing backwards
One seat above the other Perfect for kids who are close in age y with 100% reclinable seats Little visibility of the lower seat


The dimensions of your twin stroller are very important. It’s essential to ensure that the stroller will fit through your front door or into the lift of your building. This is particularly relevant if you choose a twin stroller which is in parallel. It is possible that this type of stroller could be wider than your doorway.

Also, don’t forget to measure the boot of your car so that you can transport the stroller. Finally, keep in mind the size of the space where you are planning to store it when it’s not being used.


Consider the weight of your twin stroller and above all compare this to the strength of the person who will be manoeuvring it on a regular basis. Think about how much it will weigh including the two kids. Remember that these strollers can support up to 30 kilos of cargo (15kg per child), and on top of this, you’ll need to add the weight of the empty stroller.

The weight of the stroller is important, so that doesn’t require too much effort to manoeuvre on the part of mum or dad. This is relevant not only when you are pushing it, but also when you have to transport it from one place to another. The lighter and the easier it is to bend, the better.

Manufacturing materials

The materials your twin stroller is made from need to meet certain requirements. The seat should be made from high-quality materials which won’t irritate your children’s sensitive skin, as well as being breathable and waterproof. In the same way, you should always look for materials which are removable and above all washable.

Of course, the stroller should be comfortable for your little ones. It’s advisable to choose ones with well-padded seats. For these purposes, polyester is one of the most common materials.


For the frame, resistant and lightweight materials like aluminium are best.


Finally, the chair needs to be easy to manoeuvre. This is where factor like the wheels and the handle come in. Large wheels which turn 360º are suited to all terrains and are a breeze to manage. They may, however, add to the total weight of the stroller. It all adds up, after all!

When it comes to the handle, some people prefer one which is a single long piece, whereas others like two separate handles. Either way, it’s essential that the handle or handles are adjustable in height, which makes the stroller much more manageable. Remember that it is quite common for parents to develop back problems due to not adjusting their stroller properly.


Twin strollers were invented to make it much easy to transport two small children. At the end of the day, you want to find a model which makes your life easier, not more difficult. You need to assess if it handles well, how heavy it is and if its extra features are really necessary.

As you probably already know, a stroller is something which will accompany your child as they grow and develop in the first few years of their life. This is why it’s critical that you take your time and make a considered choice. Not only your little ones’ comfort depends on your decision, but also your own.

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