When a family prepares to take a trip with children, it takes a lot of organisation. Apart from clothes and shoes, children also need toys, food and toiletries, among other things. To prevent packing for a trip from becoming chaotic, you will need to find the right luggage.

Suitcases designed for children are essentially the same as those used by adults but it is adapted to cater for the sizes of children’s clothing. They need to be more resistant, with small and attractive designs that catch the attention of children and make the trip easier. This guide will help you understand what to look for in children’s suitcases and how to find the right one.

Key Facts

  • Children’s suitcases have the same function as those of adults, but they are adapted in size, weight and appearance to be attractive to children. They are more sturdy as they should be able to withstand being bumped and dropped by children. Children’s suitcases come in different shapes and materials and can be soft or rigid, and made of polyester or polyurethane materials.
  • Before going out to buy a suitcase for your child, consider the dimensions. This will depend on the age and height of the child and the type of trip. Some of the best children’s suitcases on the market are “Trunki Suitcase Riders” or “Metz Trolley for children for cabin luggage”.
  • Other advantages of buying a suitcase for your child is that it gives them autonomy, allows them to assume responsibilities and it will also make it easier for them to carry the suitcase.

Ranking: The best kid’s suitcases on the Australian market

We have selected the best products and best sellers of children’s suitcases on Amazon, with so you can choose the suitcase that is most suitable for your child. Choosing a suitcase will depend on your needs and those of your little one. You will have to take factors into account like their age and character but also the type of trip you are going on eg. a road trip or travelling by plane.

No. 1: Skip Hop Zoo Kid Rolling Luggage

[amazon box=”B0079Q5WB0″ description_items=”0″]

This series of kids’ luggage features the signature skip hop zoo characters, like this fun and colourful owl. Your kids will love to carry their own luggage when travelling with this fun suitcase! A soft suitcase, it is made of sturdy poly-canvas fabric which is durable and easy to clean. It also has handy features such as a mesh bottle pocket.

The suitcase has a retractable handle to make it easy to carry, as well as to stow away in the car boot or overhead locker on a plane. It also has a removable parent strap so mum or dad can take over if the child gets tired of carrying it. Your kids will also love the fun matching zip pulls and white name tag.

No. 2: PUQU Monster Truck Design Kids Travel Suitcase

[amazon box=”B06XK2XMFL” description_items=”0″]

Your little boy or girl will love this monster truck suitcase so much you’ll have no problems getting them to carry it! It is shaped like a truck in bright yellow, with two of the wheels of the truck also functioning as luggage wheels.

It can carry up to 20kg of weight, and has a spacious 18 litres of carrying capacity, plenty of room for all of your child’s clothes, toys and other belonging. It has a retractable metal carrying handle, as well as a 88cm strap for a parent to carry if needed.

No. 3: iPlay, iLearn Kids Carry On Rolling Upright Suitcase

[amazon box=”B07K5NTL3L” description_items=”0″]

This scratch-resistant & water-proof luggage set is made of durable Polycarbonate, ABS and Nylon. The Hardshell surface prevents them from easily being damaged on the road, and is also easy to clean. It is specially designed to be lightweight and ergonomic.

The cases come with 360 degree cardan wheels. These multi-directional & double-row pulleys are super easy for mobility. Dual-tube adjustable pull rod and automatic spring back handle are convenient to lift and pull. The two-way, sturdy and smooth zippers allow kids to open by two directions.

No. 4: Winsday 18″ Kids Carry On Luggage Set

[amazon box=”B07F9LF1LZ” description_items=”0″]

This hard shell luggage set is made of premium polyester, ABS and Nylon, which makes this luggage extremely durable. At 18 inches, this is large enough to store everything your child needs for their trip or holiday, without being overly large for a small child. The cover also has an ultra cute print that your kids will love.

Although hard and durable this luggage is also lightweight, light enough for children to carry themselves. Pulling it is easy thanks to its 360 degree wheels, which are four Multi-directional rolling active wheels, it can be moved conveniently. VERY Flexible and easy control.

No. 5: 18″ Kids Dinosaur Hard Shell Suitcase

[amazon box=”B07K6BRSS2″ description_items=”0″]

This iPlay, iLearn Kids luggage set includes luggage and backpack made of high-quality and durable Polycarbonate, ABS and Nylon materials, that makes it possible kids can use our suitcase for a long time, and will not damage easily due to the premium material. The luggage and backpack are both light weight, not to be an extra burden to children when they go to school or travel. Four durable wheels support 360 degree rolling, super easy for mobility. Kids can pull and push it easily. The 13″ backpack can be also regarded as a school bag, the design of mesh breathable back and wide shoulder straps make carrying more comfortable.

The suitcase is 18×11.5×8.5 inches, while the backpack is 13.5×10.5×4.5 inches, so provides plenty of space to pack all your child’s needs for a weekend away or a longer trip. The two zips allow the luggage to be easily opened from both directions. It also has a playful design which kids will love, including quirky animal feet and ears!

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about kid’s suitcases

There are a few things to consider before buying a suitcase in order to ensure that you have a pleasant trip or holiday with your child. What types of children’s suitcases are available? There are a  large number of models and variants of children’s suitcases, but they can, in general, be divided into two groups. To make the right choice we need to learn a little about the world of luggage, and of course, also about children.

Kids’ suitcases need to be highly resistant because kids can be rough with them, but can be soft or hard cases.
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What types of kids’ suitcases are there on the market?

There are a  large number of models and variants of children’s suitcases, but they can in general be divided into two groups: according to their wheels, and according to the materials they are made from. Below you will find a table where you can see each type with its characteristics:

According to form According to material
Suitcase with four wheels: These cases have four wheels on their base, allowing you to carry more weight and larger dimensions. Hard suitcases:Rigid suitcases are more resistant to shock and more durable, but less flexible.
Suitcase with two wheels: These are used to carry less weight, they are lighter and can be carried on the side. Semi-hard suitcases: Semi-hard suitcases are hard, but with a coating of fabric, so it combines resistance with flexibility.
Soft suitcases: Soft suitcases are made of fabric or leather and is lighter but less durable, and they break more easily.

Kids’ suitcases can also be divided according to their use:

  • Travel backpacks: They are designed for shorter trips, since they have to be carried on the back they are smaller and lighter.
  • Suitcases: These can be bigger and more sturdy as they are pushed or pulled by children.

What size suitcase does a child need?

This will depend on the type of holiday you are going on and what you need to take with you for the children. Each trip is different. Factors like the weather and the personality of the child will play a role. Don’t forget that a suitcase must be appropriate to the child’s height.

You must also take into account how long the trip will be. You will not need the same amount of clothes, toys and other luggage and to go on a weekend trip than for a trip of a fortnight or so. Changing weather, as is often encountered in Spring and Autumn also require that you have to pack both warm and cooler clothes. If you have very active children also take into account that they will get dirty more often.

When preparing for a trip, there are countless things to arrange, but without a doubt packing is one of the most important.
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For a short trip that you would not need a lot of clothes, a backpack will be sufficient. If we are unsure about what the weather will do, it would be better to opt for a small suitcase, about 15 to 20 L capacity. For a longer trip choose one of about 30 L.

What are the advantages of buying a child’s suitcase for my child?

There are many advantages to buying your child a suitcase. Firstly it will create extra space that you can use. It also makes you feel more like your belongings are your own when they are in your very own suitcase. Most children like suitcases designed for the little ones as they have striking images or patterns.

Children will be able to carry their own suitcases as these are adapted to their height and strength. They also tend to be more resistant to being bumped and dropped. Carrying their own luggage will give children them more autonomy and make them take responsibility for their own things.

Caroline CostelloTravel blogger

“Choosing the right luggage can help prevent these minor tragedies, in addition to other inconveniences like pesky baggage fees”.

Finally, these days there are a range of fun and innovative kids suitcases available, it will make a trip extra fun for your little one.

What materials are used to manufacture kids’ suitcases?

As mentioned, kids’ suitcases come in different shapes and material. It will be best to take the individual characteristics of your child and the trip you are taking in account when choosing one of these. Deciding which is the best for your child will be a personal choice, and should also take into account the type of trip you have planned.

Hard or rigid suitcases are usually made of ABS, an impact resistant plastic; or polycarbonate, a light but more expensive material. In the case of conventional suitcases, polypropylene is also used, but it can be a bit heavy for children. These type of suitcases are more durable and resistant.

Susan FeinsteinConsumer blogger

“In a recent survey of more than 52,000 Consumer Reports members, 23 per cent of respondents chose hard-sided luggage for their medium- and large-sized suitcases and 15 per cent chose it for their carry-on suitcases.

On the other hand, soft suitcases are made of polyester. Polyester is resistant to humidity and abrasion; nylon is also used as it is very light and resistant. Some suitcases are made of polyurethane, a plastic substance that is often used to seal and fill gaps or as insulation.

How are children’s suitcases used?

Packing for children doesn’t have to be exhausting.  Ask your children to help. This will make them feel part of the trip and also provide some assistance to you. We’ve come up with a list of the steps you should take to pack your child’s luggage.

  • First, tell your child that you are now going to pack their suitcase. Place it on a flat surface and leave it completely open.
  • Secondly, work out which clothes will be needed for the trip, including underwear. Once you know how much underwear you will have to pack, place it in the small pockets inside the suitcase. As for the rest of the clothes, you should fold it as small as possible to save space, you can even roll it up.
  • Next pack other personal items such as the toiletries, hygiene products, toys or books.
  • Close the suitcase making sure you do not forget anything and hook the fasteners, zipper or locking systems properly so that it would not open accidentally.

What can I carry in a kid’s suitcase?

Before deciding which suitcase to buy for your child, first consider what needs to be packed in it, and also how much they can realistically carry. The suitcase shouldn’t be too heavy. Below is a list of the most common items a child should pack when travelling or going on holiday.

  • Clothing: It will be necessary to take more than usual in case they get dirty, also pack for unexpected cold weather and make provision for clothes that can be torn or ripped. Remember to pack one or two sets of pyjamas for bedtime.
  • Footwear: When travelling with small children it is always good to have some extra shoes, or in summer, bathing shoes.
  • Documentation: It is essential to carry your ID, medical card, family book or passport.
  • Toiletries: Apart from soap and lotions also remember to pack combs,  wipes, sunscreen, toothbrush or creams.
  • First aid: Just in case, it is always convenient to have a box of plasters, gauze, insect repellent or cream
  • Personal objects: Children would want to pack things like toys, books and electronics to entertain themselves.

Shopping criteria

Now that we already know a lot about the world of children’s suitcases, it is time to start looking for the most suitable one for our child and for our trip. Therefore, it is necessary to know some criteria to think about when buying a kids’ suitcase, that lasts and that resists the rough treatment that children can dish out.

  • Appropriate size
  • Space
  • Closures
  • Design
  • Wheels

Appropriate size

We have already mentioned the size of kids’ suitcases, but in this case we will not delve into the dimensions, so much as what is the appropriate size for our little one. If you do not want it to be another burden that you have to deal with, it must be suitable for your child’s age and characteristics. Make sure the suitcase size is appropriate for the child’s height, in addition to being light so you can lift, drag or push it. Also, remember that the suitcase will be heavier once it is packed. If it will be too large or too heavy for your child to manage, it is better to pack their things in your own suitcase.


To make it possible to pack the bag with the child’s help and then, during the trip, have some autonomy to choose their own things, a suitcase should be very neat. Separate spaces for small garments, pockets or compartments are useful to have. These can be used to store underwear, shoes or toiletry bags. We can even use one for children to stash their dirty clothes away from clean ones. Finally, the more pockets and compartments the easier it is to organise your child’s things.


When travelling, with any suitcase it is essential that you have secure and strong closures, especially when you travel by plane or in situations where the luggage will go in a car boot.  Luggage generally has a variety of closures and some specific to children’s luggage.

The simplest closure for children is undoubtedly the zipper. It is easy to use not the safest, so it is recommended to use a padlock. The safest are usually the airport security lock, but they turn out to be complex for very young children.

When going on a trip, whether with a kid’s suitcase or a regular one, it is important to make sure the locks are strong and secure.
(Source: steven thompson: 259080/ unsplashPhoto.com)


If the child doesn’t like the way the suitcase looks, it might be difficult to convince them to carry their own luggage. This can result in great inconvenience when travelling. There are suitcases with characters from films like Spiderman, beautiful drawings, or, better yet, ones, like Trunki suitcases,  that look like a horse, a car or a scooter. There are many fun features like this to be found with kids’ luggage, including suitcases shaped like a horse, a car or a bike.


You get suitcases with four, three or two wheels. This feature makes it easier for them to be moved. Generally suitcases will have four or two wheels, but there are often those with three. Make sure the wheels are sturdy and roll easily with multidirectional rotation. Again, we point out that the use of wheels is optional, but beneficial for children when travelling. This means that more belongings can be carried as it is easier to pull more weight.


When taking a trip you have a lot of things to arrange, but without a doubt one of the most important is the luggage. This is a particular concern when travelling with children. This means getting a suitable kids’ suitcase for them, with the perfect size, space, closures and design to help your child have a great holiday. There are many types of suitcases, among them those with four or two wheels, rigid, semi-rigid and soft. The main materials which kids’ suitcases are made of are plastic and polyester.

We hope you have a fantastic trip and that you have managed to find the right child suitcase. You can tell us your final choice and share with all your friends!

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