Dollhouses are endless fun for kids of various ages. They are perennially popular with children because they are basically models of actual houses. The difference being, of course, that they are in miniature. If you look at one closely, you will see that they are actually packed with details. Most have at least a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Children find playing with dollhouses so entertaining because they let them walk in their parents’ shoes. These are real homes on a small scale, complete with furniture, decorations and many other details. Kids love this because they feel like they own their own home. The following guide will help you choose the most suitable dollhouse to delight your kids.

Key Facts

  • Dollhouses are scale models of real houses. The normal scale is 1:12, although there are also those at a scale of 1:24 and even 1:48.
  • Depending on the model, you will find a range of details and accessories in every dollhouse. They have different rooms, each equipped with various miniature objects: beds, wardrobes, chairs, tables, couches and ornaments. All of which are at miniature scale and moveable.
  • There are a range of styles. There are dollhouse in antique Victorian style, those with princesses, luxury houses, country house style, mansions, and more.

Ranking: The best dollhouses on the market

Below you will find our selection of the best dollhouses on the market. All of these models have been designed to delight and entertain kids. We also have some tips to help you make the best purchase. This means that there will be no limit to your child’s enjoyment!

No. 1: Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Wooden Dollhouse

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This “play and go” dollhouse so it is extremely portably, meaning your child can enjoy it wherever they are, rather than only being able to play with it in their bedroom or the family room. It even has two sturdy inbuilt handles for ease of carrying.

This model comes with 2 wooden doll figures and 11 pieces of furniture so your child will be ready to play as soon as it is delivered! Made from durable wood and opening up on a hinge, the dollhouse is suitable for ages 3 and up. The dollhouse features working doors and the figures are flexible, meaning the only limit is your child’s imagination!

No. 2: PlanToys Green Dollhouse

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Made from sustainable materials, this dollhouse is a great option for the eco-conscious. What’s more, this miniature home is a model of a sustainable house so will teach your kids about caring for the environment while having fun. All materials are not only sustainable, but also high-quality, safe and durable.

With four rooms over two levels, the dollhouse is made to be open on the sides to provide easy access for play. It is designed to foster creativity and development, inspiring little ones’ imaginations at the same time as brining joy.

No. 3: Rylai Wooden Handmade Dollhouse DIY Kit

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This DIY dollhouse will take children and adults’ creativity to the next level. A miniature kit that you construct yourself, it offers hours of fun for the family to make it, and then endless of hours of enjoyable playtime when it is constructed.

Made from safe and non-toxic materials, the dollhouse is a quant and cosy vintage caravan once complete, with cute furniture and numerous delightful accessories. The kit contains all the materials you need to make it, and because you are putting it together yourself there are ample opportunities to personalise it however you wish!

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about dollhouses

A dollhouse is far from a basic toy. It can be a dream come true for any child. As well as providing hours of fun, these items are extremely decorative. This has even seen many adults discover the joy of dollhouses.

Dollhouses offer safe and enjoyable play time.
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What is a dollhouse exactly?

Dollhouses are miniature versions of actual houses. They are items usually associated with children, although they were originally created for a quite different purpose. Dollhouses were first made around the 17th century in northern Europe as items for royalty. In fact, at this time they were only for adults.

Over time, dollhouses have become prized toys for children. Their resemblance, albeit in a smaller size, to a real house captures kids’ imaginations.


You can buy an almost limitless range of accessories for your dollhouse to customise your mini-home.

What are dollhouses made of?

There are a wide range of options in terms of the materials dollhouses can be made from. The most common are wood, metal or plastic, but they can also be made of other materials such as cardboard. Wood is arguably the best material for making this kind of object. Not only is it stronger and more resilient, but it also lends a more realistic look.

On the other hand, the downside of wood is that it could splinter or even break if not made well. This is why many brands opt for plastic as a more durable material. Metal dollhouses are more or less out of use these days.

The perfect material for a doll house is one which can survive prolonged use and is resistant to scratches and dents.

How big is a dollhouse?

There is no standard size for a dollhouse. The measurements, therefore, depend on the exact brand and model. Most manufacturers classify dollhouses and accessories according to the size of the dolls they are designed to accompany. That is, you may find houses or furniture marked as being for 12, 13 or 30cm dolls, among other scales of measurement.

The smallest dollhouses come in at around 40cm. In terms of width, this is usually at least around 30cm. Larger houses may reach heights of 90cm or more. As a rule, the most common scale is 1:12, although there are also dollhouses which use scales of 1:16, 1:24 or 1:48.

Dollhouses are toys which allow kids to use their imagination.
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Is it necessary to assemble dollhouses from scratch?

Depending on the model you have, you may need to assemble your dollhouse completely from scratch. Other models come pre-assembled and you won’t need to lift a finger. In the former case, there should be a complete assembly kit included with all of the tools you will need. This means that before you have the joy of owning a dollhouse, you will first get the fun of building one.

Pre-assembled dollhouses are totally ready to be played with. All you’ll need to do is choose where to put it so your child can enjoy it as soon as possible. Although everything is already prepared, because the furniture and accessories are all movable, hours of fun awaits your little one.

How many types and styles of dollhouses are there?

When it comes to dollhouse constructions, there are basically two types. The most common type has an open side, with the other sides being permanently closed. The child can then easily access and play with the house through the open side. The other type of dollhouse opens essentially like a book: that it is, you can open and close the front thanks to a hinge or lock of some kind.

In terms of dollhouse styles, you will find a variety available. There are dollhouses in an antique Victorian style, luxury houses, fairy houses, as well as modern or old-fashioned styles, among others. Because there are so many different styles available, it is not too difficult to find one which will be suitable for your little one.

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For what ages are the dollhouses recommended?

This will depend on the model: each manufacturer should recommend an appropriate age range for their dollhouse. Every dollhouse is different, and some may include small parts which are not suitable for all ages. That being said, the vast majority of dollhouses are recommended for children aged 3 and over. Of course, they should always be used under adult supervision.

You should know that there are also dollhouses made for collectors, rather than children. These models have more intricate details as they are designed for adults. The dollhouse is generally made with better quality materials, as are the parts and accessories inside. So as you can see, dollhouses are for all ages.

Lesley ShepherdMiniature crafts educator

“Small scale dollhouses are popular for collectors of artisan miniatures, while larger scales are more useful for children’s play or families.”

What are dollhouse interiors like?

One of the greatest strengths of dollhouses is their variety. Every manufacturer makes different models which all capture the imagination of their small users in various ways. Generally, these miniature houses feature a number of rooms distributed over several floors. The floors are usually connected to the others through little stairs or ramps.

Depending on how the floors are laid out, each may have one or several rooms. The master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room are essential. More intricate dollhouses will also have other rooms such as children’s bedrooms or a study. This variety means that there are even more possibilities to decorate the house.

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Shopping criteria

There are various shopping criteria to take into account in order to choose the best dollhouse. Factors such as size, price and difficulty to assemble all come into play. A dollhouse can represent a wealth of fun for your little one, so it’s important to choose the model which is most suitable for their age and their needs.

  • Design
  • Size
  • Assembly
  • Quality
  • Price


When choosing a dollhouse, two key considerations are design and style. There is a wide range of options in both regards. In today’s market, you will find beautiful Victorian dollhouses, as well as more modern styles such as princess, mansion or luxury, among others. In order to choose the right style and design, you’ll first need to assess your child’s tastes.


There is also a wide range of options when it comes to size. The first thing you’ll want to do is to work out how much space you have. Measure the height you’ll be able to fit, as well as the width. When looking at size don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s recommendation of what size of dolls would be suitable.

  • They encourage role play
  • They develop the imagination
  • They foster creativity
  • The teach habit and routines
  • You will not want to get rid of it


Next, you will have two options: to buy a dollhouse which requires assembly and one which comes fully constructed. If you choose the former, make sure it comes with a full assembly kit. The good news is this should not be too challenging: dollhouse assembly is generally fairly simple and straightforward.

Wooden dollhouses are made of quality materials: they are resistant and durable.
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Another important factor to consider is the quality of manufacturing materials. These determine whether the dollhouse is solid and durable. The quality of the finish and parts is also important to minimise the risk of your child being harmed when using the toy. Likewise, accessories should be made from non-toxic materials.


Price, of course, is an important factor in every purchasing decision. Your budget will ultimately influence which model you choose. Price of dollhouses can vary widely, but generally, start at around $50 and go up to $150 or more. Obviously, the brand, the quality of materials and the accessories will all influence the price.


Dollhouses are one of the most popular toys with any little girl or boy. Kids simply love pretending to be an adult and to role-play different situations and other worlds. This type of play also helps their development and to become familiar with their surroundings. Dollhouses and similar toys encourage imaginary play which helps children form habits and routines.

There are, therefore, a number of benefits of dollhouses for children. They are not only fun for kids to play with, but parents will know that at the same time they are aiding with development. These miniature homes are equally captivating for children and adults.

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